The Grower Portal

Helping SunRice to build, maintain and support their rice growing community.

SunRice is the consumer brand and trading name of Ricegrowers Limited, one of Australia's largest branded food exporters.

With a rice-growing community of over 2000 farmers, SunRice was keen to find ways to better connect with and service this community. 



1. overview


SunRice wanted to better engage and efficiently service their growers through online digital services.

Their existing legacy portal was cumbersome and hard to use, so adoption was low and the subsequent interations between growers and SunRice's admin team was being managed manually, by phone and fax.


2. my role


My role saw me establishing the timelines and framework for the end-to-end design engagement, and then working with my team to apply and execute this strategy over 4 weeks.  

3. scope and constraints


This project was conducted remotely, using Miro and Google Meet as our main engagement tools.

SunRice adapted well to this and were able to be really involved through every step of the design process, meaning we could quickly validate and either pivot or progress as needed.

4. approach


Create a relevant, time-saving and enduring connection between SunRice and their growing community.

Through a design-thinking approach, we sought to get a deeper, holistic understanding of the current processes for both growers and admin staff, their core frustrations and opportunities for improvement, so as to best inform the solution. This consisted of site visits, interviews, workshops and insight sessions.
The subsequent designs were then user-tested, iterated and refined in alignment with best practice to ensure accessibility and a great user experience. 

The output of this engagement was the design of 'Grower Services Portal' and 'Admin Portal' apps, offering digital self-service across all stages of the rice growing cycle.

5. solution


Old-Generation Growers, New-Generation Growers and Admin staff.

Service Blueprint:
Detailing all tasks and interactions in the users current journeys.

User Journey Map:
Illustrating what the future state would look like for users.

User Stories:
Detailed business requirements to assist with build estimates.

Site Maps:
An overview of all Grower Portal app and Admin Portal app screens

High Fidelity Clickable Prototypes:
Demonstrating all features of Grower Portal and Admin Portal designs

6. reflections


The Client:
Our initial reservations about conducting remote workshops proved unfounded, as the tools we employed were very easily adopted and actually afforded us greater collaborations, insights and efficiencies.

The Industry:
Australia's rice growers are a close, multi- generational community. It was really great to be part of this community for the course of the engagement


I loved that the collaborative, dynamic nature of this engagement, which meant I was able to switch between leading the UX strategy, overseeing the project and stakeholder management as well as creating the UI designs in line with our agreed solution.